Venessa Monokian

Photography by Nicki Evans Photo courtesy of Weingarten Art Group and Houston Endowment.

Monokian uses her work to investigate ideas about her environment, extending beyond the tangible to explore psychological elements of these spaces. The viewer's physical interaction with these pieces is as integral to the final experience as the works themselves, fostering a partnership between the artist, the work, and the viewer.

In 2024, Venessa Monokian achieved significant recognition as the recipient of the Jones Artist Award from the Houston Endowment for the Arts. Currently residing in Houston and affiliated with Box13 ArtSpace, Monokian originally hails from Miami and holds an MFA from Florida International University.

Her artistic journey gained prominence with a feature in the acclaimed 2011 WLRN documentary "Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists," directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Andrew Hevia. Monokian's work has garnered international acclaim, exhibited at esteemed venues like Met/Gal in Austin, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, Mac Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, as well as at Panal 361 in Argentina.

Continuing to expand her artistic horizons, Monokian was also selected to participate in the prestigious Artist INC program facilitated by the Mid-America Arts Alliance.

You can visit her work in the flesh at her studio at Box13 artspace in Houston, TX
Email to set up an appointment.