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I relocated from my hometown of Miami, Florida, to a vastly different place, rural South Carolina. Though not a farm or a place where fruit is grown, the house I found myself isolated in is called Strawberry Farm. After the move, I felt a strong compulsion to collect little things I found while going about my daily activities. These items are not anything of value. They are mundane things, sometimes trash, and often stuff I interacted with every day. There was the pile of dry cleaning tickets for my partner’s work shirts and a feather I discovered while on a walk. As I struggled to connect with this new place, I used these things in my new work to educate myself on and better understand Strawberry Farm and the surrounding area. Through these objects, I found a fascination for my new home.

“Strawberry Farm” presents a series of still images against a pink floral backdrop, reminiscent of a country cottage wall. The reoccurring character is a hand holding the items like a hand model might, displaying the artifacts. The coldness in the display is purposeful and represents of my lack of intimate connection with my current surroundings.