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I relocated from my hometown of Miami, Florida, to a vastly different place, rural South Carolina. Though not a farm or a place where fruit is grown, the house I found myself isolated in is called Strawberry Farm. After the move, I felt a strong compulsion to collect little things I found while going about my daily activities. These items are not anything of value. They are mundane things, sometimes trash, and often stuff I interacted with every day. There was the pile of dry cleaning tickets for my partner’s work shirts and a feather I discovered while on a walk. As I struggled to connect with this new place, I used these things in my new work to educate myself on and better understand Strawberry Farm and the surrounding area. Through these objects, I found a fascination for my new home.

“Strawberry Farm” presents a series of still images against a pink floral backdrop, reminiscent of a country cottage wall. The reoccurring character is a hand holding the items like a hand model might, displaying the artifacts. The coldness in the display is purposeful and represents of my lack of intimate connection with my current surroundings.

After viewing the images this seems to only tell a part of my story, so I embedded a secret layer to the work. It counters this idea of stillness, isolation, and disconnectedness seen in the images. This hidden element breaches outside the confines of my situation and is an effort to push beyond it. The hope is the viewer can have two experiences with these objects: the first still and observant and the second the animated and, in some, cases interactive.

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